[inn-er-jahyz] verb,
[inn~er~gized] [inn~er~giz~ing]
1. to provide for one’s Inner Self: remember to innergize
yourself daily for optimal health and well-being.
Reiki for You and Reiki for Two To receive the most benefit from your distant session you should be in a quiet environment with minimal distraction. Reclining or lying down is preferred as many clients fall asleep during their session. You will be asked to choose ONE of the Reiki Experiences listed below which will be incorporated into your session. Please let me know your choice at the time of your appointment. For a Reiki for Two session, both parties will have to agree on the same experience.  

*NOTE* Reiki sessions are provided for stress reduction and balancing of energies to promote healing. Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. I do NOT diagnose conditions nor do I prescribe medical treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek out a licensed healthcare provider for any ailment you or your animal may have.

Learning about community
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Meditation Workshops
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Building Better Balance
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Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique that improves relaxation, reduces stress and assists in healing the body, mind and spirit. The word Reiki comes from ‘Rei’ meaning spiritual consciousness and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy. It’s that all-knowing or universal life force energy that is utilized during Reiki sessions to bring harmony and balance into your life and activate your body’s natural healing abilities. When your body’s energies are low or out of balance you may have sleep issues, feel ill, poor decision making or negative thought patterns. By keeping your life force energy healthy and robust physical, mental and emotional symptoms can be alleviated thereby bringing peacefulness and confidence into your life.
Is Reiki A Religion?

No. It is spiritual in that it helps heal the spirit.…and mind and body. Reiki has no dogma and you don’t even have to believe in Reiki for it to work. The best part of Reiki is that anyone can participate in a Reiki session or take a Reiki class regardless of their background or beliefs.

How Does It Work?

Reiki energy is self-directed, flowing wherever it’s needed for the client’s highest good. Because of this every person’s experience is different during a Reiki session. No session is alike even for repeat clients. Some clients have experienced a feeling of a warm blanket enveloping them, tingling sensations and even seeing colors, lights or images. Others claim only to feel an overwhelming sense of peace or ‘knowing’ that everything is alright. Ideally one should be in a quiet place and in a relaxed state for a session and open to receive whatever the universal life energy brings.

Can you please explain distant Reiki?

Reiki energy transcends all space and time. Because of this, distant sessions are easily possible and often preferred by some clients. For you to receive the most benefit from your distant session, you should be in a quiet environment with minimal distractions at the time of your scheduled session. A quick phone call can be made before the session to discuss your goals followed by the session OR the entire session can be done online via Zoom. Client experiences are not diminished during distant sessions. Some clients even state distant healing is ‘more intense’ but again, every client and every session is different, yet a wonderful healing experience.

Who can receive Reiki?
People of all ages can experience the healing benefits of this Universal life force energy. Animals, plants and even situations or events can be recipients of this energy as well.
How many treatments would I need?

For acute issues, this would depend on your energies and how fast they integrate the Reiki energy. Some people find one session is all they need while others who have more deep-seated issues find they need multiple sessions. Most people find monthly sessions satisfying to acquire improved health, peace, and happiness.

How can I optimize my session?

Because Reiki, like all energy work is detoxifying it’s important to drink plenty of water after your session to help flush toxins out of your system. If possible, it’s helpful to take a bath with Epsom salt and baking soda (1 cup of each) the night after your session. This helps to release those toxins as well while strengthening your aura.

– As your body begins to rebalance, detoxify and heal after the session you may experience some of the following: having an emotional release, sleepiness or fatigue, feeling a buzzing energy, body aches, more frequent trips to the bathroom, or changes in thought processes. These are normal and short in duration but are signs of your body releasing what is no longer needed. Every person responds in a different way. Listen to your body and rest.

– On occasion things experienced during a session may not be remembered right away or understood at the time. Journaling is a wonderful way to keep a record of your experiences to see any possible themes that may show up that could help in your healing process.

Reiki for You and
Reiki for Two Sessions
60 Minutes

 -Will be held via Zoom.

– You will need to choose from the menu of Reiki Experiences to incorporate into your session.

– Please let me know which you choose when your session starts.

– For more information and to read the menu options, click HERE.       

90 Minute
In Person Session

Watch How Reiki and Long Distance Reiki Work

The Five Principles
Of Reiki

  1. Just for today, do not worry
  2. Just for today, do not anger
  3. Just for today, earn your living honestly
  4. Just for today, be grateful for your blessings
  5. Just for today, be kind to every living thing

Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei is considered the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing that most people are familiar with. (Click here for more on the history of Usui Sensei and Usui Reiki). He was an average layperson in search of the purpose of life in the early twentieth century. What Usui Sensei did was create five ideals for people to live by. By living by these ideals people would be guided in their own healing process by bringing some balance into their lives. By being true to these words you are showing respect to this magnificent energy and essentially saying ‘Yes!’ to the love and healing it can provide. Invite Reiki into your life today.

Mary Walters belongs to the Reiki Membership Association
and adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
of The International Center for Reiki Training.