[inn-er-jahyz] verb,
[inn~er~gized] [inn~er~giz~ing]
1. to provide for one’s Inner Self: remember to innergize
yourself daily for optimal health and well-being.
petmasters Approved
Pets are family and they experience many of the same emotional and physical symptoms people do. These are just some of the issues that Reiki can assist with:Decrease pain  |  Assist with nervousness and anxiety/separation anxiety
Help to heal emotional scars and behavioral issues from past trauma and/or abuse Increase the bond between you and your pet  |   Comfort and ease of transition for terminally ill animals, and their owners Strengthen their immune and energetic systems before cancer treatment Maintain a strong, healthy physical and emotional body for a happy life.

*NOTE* Reiki sessions are provided for stress reduction and balancing of energies to promote healing. Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. I do NOT diagnose conditions nor do I prescribe medical treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek out a licensed healthcare provider for any ailment you or your animal may have.

Animal Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Make House calls?

Housecalls can be made under special circumstances. If your animal lives in water, a barn, or is as large as an elephant house calls can be made although distant sessions are perfect for this kind of client. Call to discuss driving distances and pricing.

Do you work in animal shelters?

Yes, sessions can happen in shelters. Often Reiki helps alleviate the emotional or behavioral issue(s) an animal has so they can be adopted.

Do animals need more or less treatments than people?

Just as with people, the number of sessions is determined by how receptive they are to the Reiki energy and how deep their issues go. For some one session will be all that is needed. For more chronic or deep-seated problems several sessions may be in order.

What does a typical session look like?

Every animal and session is different but all sessions start with asking permission from the animal. The effectiveness of Reiki is much better received when the animal agrees and is able to receive it on their terms. Your animal can be in the same room as the Zoom or phone call is taking place but they should be allowed to leave the room if they so choose.

*** Signs your animal is accepting the treatment, - Signs of relaxation (yawning, deep relaxed breathing, or falling asleep) - Ebb and flow movement with the animal moving into and out of the Reiki space repeatedly throughout the session.

Reiki for Animals
30 Minutes

– Will be held via Zoom.
– For more information about animal Reiki, distant Reiki
and to read some FAQs, click HERE
-30 minutes

Animal Communication
PLUS Animal Reiki session

(One animal per session)
– Will be held via Zoom.
– Approximately 30 minutes of both Reiki and Communication with the animal will take place.
– Less is More. Please don’t share any information about your pet before the appointment. I’ll ask for what I need to connect with them at the time of our meeting.
– To learn how to prepare for an animal communication session and what to expect in a session, click HERE
**I do NOT communicate with lost or missing pets at this time**
_ 60 Minutes                                     

Mary Walters belongs to the Reiki Membership Association
and adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
of The International Center for Reiki Training.